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The Swingy Story

Get to know the Swingy story

We are changing the way children spend time in front of screens. Swingy offers children a healthy and active everyday life, quality development of body and mind, effective leisure time, and active screen time through exercise and play.

Swingy zgodba

Swingy story How Swingy was born

As young parents of two children, we were surprised to find that children learn to use the iPad even before they can speak. We soon saw that our sons could spend an entire afternoon playing games. As much as we limited their digital playtime, we always felt a little guilty when they were playing with the iPad.

During the same period, my mother worked on the idea of a curved walking aid that would encourage the user to balance while walking. As a doctor and the wife of an orthopedist, she saw many patients with low back pain. She wanted to develop a device that would easily encourage the user to strengthen the muscles of the body's core and improve balance.

During family conversations, Urša and I got the inspiration to solve our problem. We turned the walking aid into a balance board, connected it to a tablet or smartphone, and made it interesting for children. Swingy was born.

Swingy combines three things

Swingy was created based on the graphic below, as we wanted to create a product that combines physical activity with fun.


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Founded in 2015

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