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Swingy encourages children to be physically active in a fun and playful way.


Swingy’s unique feature is its back and forth movement, which strengthens the core muscles required for a healthy posture. It also improves balance, coordination, and reflexes.


The two wooden rockers are wirelessly connected to a smartphone or tablet. This allows kids to play digital games with their legs.


Each piece is smooth-sanded and finished with a nonskid spread. Its careful design enables children to hold balance without fear of any of the balance boards slipping away.


Due to its beautiful sleek design and the natural beechwood, Swingy is a warm and cheerful addition to every home.


The balance boards are made of wood. Wood is a natural and warm material that does not cause environmental pollution. It is pleasant to the touch, but also robust and durable.


Active screen time

The Swingy balance boards are equipped with SENSORS that wirelessly connect to a tablet or smartphone. Each balance board then controls one of the parameters on the screen. This means children are playing digital games with their legs. Swingy combines entertainment with a beneficial exercise important for children’s balance and healthy posture. It also develops fitness habits by integrating active time into playtime.


Balance. It matters.

Child's play is an important source of physical activity and motor development, especially in the first years of life. And balance is the pillar beneath every motor skill we have. Children develop their vestibular system, also known as the balance system, up to the age of 15.

Swingy was developed in cooperation with doctors, teachers, and exercise physiologists.


With its curved form and back and forth movement, Swingy strengthens the core muscles required for a healthy posture and improves balance and coordination. Improving balance helps children in everyday life as well as at sports such as rollerblading, biking, skating, climbing, and skiing.

Swingy is HANDMADE of wood and

was developed for children aged 4 and up.


Play Ping-Pong with your feet.

app available on


The Swingy application is the tech upgrade of the Swingy balance boards. The boards are equipped with inertial sensors which connect with the application and enable the Swingy app user to play games with their feet.


Each sensor controls one of the sliders on the screen. The goal of the game is to keep the ball in play by intercepting it with one of the sliders. Power-ups randomly appear on the screen in the shape of forest fruits and animals. Forest fruits give lives, increase the size of the ball or the sliders, or decrease the speed of the ball. The animals either shrink the ball or the sliders, or increase the speed of the ball.

Swingy is redefining screen time


Swingy is available in different designs that have been developed with children and adults in mind.


Swingy the squirrel adorns the playful designs for children and adults can choose between three different patterns that make for a stylish addition to the living room.

Swingy type
Swingy design


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